Single-lamp Controller

LY-ST10-NEMA Single-lamp Controller

Color : Grey
Product Code : LY-ST10-NEMA
Brand : Leyond


      LY-ST10-NEMA controller is newly developed by LEYOND in favor of foreign market requirement. It is an important part of street lamp control system.

      LY-ST10-NEMA controller conforms to IEEE802.15.4 protocol of ZIGBEE communication standard. It has the advantages of remote communication, strong anti-interference capability and flexible networking, realizing peer-to-peer and peer-to-multi peer transparent data transmission among devices, and constructing star network or mesh network topology. Standard ANSI C136.41-2013 of TE Connectivity is adopted for the interface, and dimmable socket and shrapnel contact are adopted to provide mechanical and electrical interconnection between light control unit and lamps. Solid twistlock contact is used for reliable power interconnection. Thus it is ideal for outdoor commercial and public lighting.

      LY-ST10-NEMA single-lamp controller consists of a current and voltage measurement circuit, which collect real-time load performance and power consumption of single-lamp controller. It helps to largely reduce work load of street lamp management department, and improve working efficiency, therefore significantly improve energy-saving benefit of all society.

Main Performance Features of SZ10-ENMA single-lamp controller:
?Inpou power:AC 85 ~350V 50/60Hz
?Onpou power:AC 85350V 50/60Hz
?Measuring current, voltage, temperature and power
?0-10V dimming signal output
?Over-current protection, lamps condition detection and default lights
?Switch and the dimming suitable for lamps
?Voltage sodium lamp and metal halide lamp etc
?Overload protection deisgn based on security
?Radio frequency:globe free frequency band of 2.4G ISM
?Thorough communication protocol of ZIGBEE wireless networking

Technical parameters:


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